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[this is good] Excellent find.


One good thing is that the brown color does look like a welcome change from the black only moleskines.

Niterider Sapphire

Hmmm.. what would they think of next...

Nazley a.k.a. Bubba

SengMing .... it comes in a variety of colours. I bought one brown, as
in the pix, one orange, the other one burgundy. A couple of days later,
my wife 2 of those, a conservative black and a  crimson red.

tried writing on the paper with a fountain pen, and would rate the
paper as fountain pen friendly. I tested with Pelikans, Lamy, Pilot,
Sheaffer in different colours, the results came out very good.


Thanks Nazley, it's starting to sound like a really good deal =) Will put this on my shopping list when I get to KL.

Chet Chin

They have it in Crimson Red? Woohoo, I need to get me some. 


I bought two sets for my kids, but I shall remain a moleskine user for the time being;-)

Nazley a.k.a. Bubba

I have started to write on one ... While the monologue can't open as flat as the moleskine, the paper quality is better compared to the other moleskines I have. The paper is thick enough that I would rate it as fountain pen friendly, as the wet ink doesn't bleed through the pages and feathering is minimal ... at least with the pen and ink combination I use.

Chet Chin

I don't actually use Moleskines anymore cuz they're really too expensive to justify.

Niterider Sapphire

I agree... I opt for an A6-sized notepads or palm-sized pads... worst comes to worst, buku 555... my constant personalised PWA.

Sorry aaa... tumpang lalu... :)

Nazley a.k.a. Bubba

" ...me? .... I don't care one .... me, tai kor .... hahahahaha "

 :D :D :D

p/s: I told my wife if she use digi, the big yellow guy will follow here everywhere she goes :P

Chet Chin

I went to the grandluxe.com site but there's no info on the Monolog range. Wonder why?

I couldn't find the notebooks at the Pelikan section in Times KLCC or Parkson One Utama. At Isetan KLCC, there was limited choice - black ruled or beige (light brown) ruled. There was also a sketchbook with the elastic fastener closing horizontally instead of the usual Moleskine (vertical) way.

Nazley a.k.a. Bubba

Chet ... my wife bought the rest of the monologue pocket notebooks at Times KLCC. There was also 2 A5 sized monologue, the same size as the large moleskine, and those ended in my shopping bag. Between the two of us we bought all the monologue, moleskine clones at Times KLCC.


Because it's a lot cheaper than the original moleskine ... And the fact that the monologue is almost the exact copy of the moleskines, they could be off the shelves due to legal reason at any time. So, I decided to keep some spares :D

I also cleared the remaining stock (pocket sized) at MPH Jusco Maluri, and Adib bought the last ones at MPH Great Eastern Mall. :P

Another friend told me there're a few more at MPH OneUtama. You can try your luck there.

Chet Chin

Oy, I never thought of MPH One Utama! Thanks for the tip. 

Chet Chin

I finally found them at MPH The Curve. I bought the two in shrinkwrap, one A5 and the other A6, both red (or more accurately, orange). There are a few more there, including one in beige (light brown), but already opened.

Ira Clawson

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