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Feisal AJ

i wonder just how many notebooks u hav at home


This afternoon,as I was passing the entrance of Kinokuniya bookshop at KLCC,I saw a beautiful advertisement of moleskine products.With more competitors, moleskine will have to promote their products with some price cuts.And you know,new designs are on the way to KL.
To me, I am open to any brand-as long as it serves my need.However, moleskine is still the BMW of the notebooks;-)

Azri Nawi

Bubba, Hope you know that Rhodia is available at Kino KLCC (upper level- near their cafe) for quite some time already... Pricing is roughly the same as a moleskine though...

Nazley a.k.a. Bubba

Kino ... here I come.
Hmmm ... BUT!
Cziplee is giving 25% off on moleskines.
contemplating on what to do next.

Nazley a.k.a. Bubba

Okay ... I bought a couple of plain pocket moleskines at Cziplee Bangsar instead of going for the Rhodia ePure notebook. The 25% discount at cziplee saved me RM28 for the pocket journals, more than covers the fuel cost to drive all the way to Bangsar. :-)

Term papers

[this is good] I Would Love to read That The price of moleskin journals here in Kuala Lumpur is pretty high, so
I've also been for the look out for a suitable and cheaper replacement for
quite some time already. but still going back to the pocket moleskin.

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